Invited ata public discusison on “Environmental: do we really take care of?” with Michele Cucuzza and other colleagues at Cori (latina)



















We organized a workshop with colleagues of the Weizmann Institute and Rice University!












All the group at Jerusalem!









Me, Stefano, Fran, Maria Chiara, Maria Rita,


Silvia and my daughetr Ginevra!












At Tel Aviv!


















“Understanding life and its diversity through the language of mathematics and computation”

Einstein’s words: “We would like to describe biological systems with equations that are simple as possible but not simpler”






































Former Students still in contact with LaPorta’s group

Photo_Luca-GuidettiLuca Guidetti (Biologo)


“When you talk, you are only repating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new”


image1Silvia Colombo (Biologa Nutrizionista)





image1Enrica Soldati (Biologa Nutrizionista)






Alessandro Vitale (Master Giornalismo SiSSA)





Federico Mutti- (Biologo BMC) Stagista Zanon