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General vision

OncoLab group leads by Caterina AM La Porta is part of the Center for Complexity and Biosystems and located at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy of the University of Milan. Researches in the group focus on the understanding of basic phenomena in biological sciences from tumors to neurosciences combining molecular biology, cell biology and advanced microscopy with tools and ideas from complex systems, artificial intelligence and quantitative biology.


Big Data, Machine Learning-Deep learning and Biology

We developed new tools to predict critical biological functions starting from images or genomic/transcriptome information.


Bioinspired Materials

We study animals and plants to develop new smart materials and to understand their biological properties.


Physics of Cancer and network medicine

We developed new strategies and tools coming from complexity and artificial intelligence to understand  critical biological functions of tumors, using an interdisciplinary approach.


Cancer stem cells

Our group characterized cancer stem cells (CSC) and tumor plasticity developing also models in collaboration with the group of Stefano Zapperi with the aim to assess the best strategies for cancer therapies.



We study ageing and pathologies linked to ageing such as Alzheimer disease, progeria (an accelerated ageing process) and Huntington disease using an interdisciplinary approach with the group of Stefano Zapperi.